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The new generation of Tab-Inserter is a highly compact, versatile, sturdy, expandable technological device, available in various versions, from the simplest and most economical to the most complex for all types of applications.

• Accurate counting
• "Dual Ribbing Technology". A double rib impressed on the tape allows to keep all the tabs straight from the beginning to the end of the roll reducing the probability of jams.
• Up to 3 tabs per second. A powerful motor ensures precise and timely insertion.
• Anti-jamming system. Design and construction are generally focused on minimizing jamming probability.
• New ROTOCUT cutter. The new ROTOCUT cutters with a tempered steel structure reduces blade wear.
• Roll with 80 GSM tape. We use 80 GSM tape rolls instead of the standard 140/160 GSM: this innovation allows B.MATIC to deliver 200Mt long rolls. Further, our thinner tabs will casue a pile deformation lower than with standard tapes.
• CNC machined tape guide. The tape guide is a very important element, made of a single block of aluminum, it is robust and without cover, the tape runs along the internal CNC machined grooves. Extremely resistant to external impacts, it allows inspection and it is also equipped with an effective anti-jamming device to reduce maintenance times. It can be supplied in various sizes.
• Flexibility. When the room for installation is limited, the roll holder can be rotated or even separated from the main body and fixed separately. Accessories for different positions (front, side, back, angled, vertical) are available.

See product brochure for complete specifications.
See product brochure for complete specifications.

For the automatic stacking of sheets, in general.

• Tape feeding push button
• Tape cutting push button
• Counting speed Low
• Dual ribbing technology.
• 80GSM tape rolls 200 MT
• Power supply 230 VAC 100 W.
• Weight without pedestal 12 Kg

See product brochure for complete specifications.