F350 COUNTER S friction feeder and sheets counter


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F350 COUNTER S friction feeder and sheets counter

The F350 COUNTER S is the new friction feeder and sheets counter with OCS technology (opposing cantilever shafts) to count products such as labels, envelopes, credit cards, tickets, brochures and many others. The F350 COUNTER S is programmable for feeding, counting and batching. It can be used as a friction sheets counter or as a feeder for single or multiple sheets on external pulse.

• Reliable product separation thanks to the acceleration of products at exit.
• Verification by encoder to avoid incorrect counting of two joint sheets.
• Quick adjustment for products width moving the entire mechanical singulating assembly with a single knob.
• Hardware and software for counting and separation in batches with adjustable pause between batches.
• Touch screen rotatable on turret for convenient use with "text free" icon interface.
• Mechanics designed for industrial use.
• Anti-jamming double sheet sensor (optional).
• Sheets Length setting to detect the joint sheets with encoder
• Programming of N° of sheets for batch and of pausing time
• Connectors for START/STOP and ALARM signals for remote control
• Manual loading and picking of products without machine stop

Envelopes, plastic and credit cards, participations, tickets, labels, brochures, security products such as scratch cards, lottery etc.

• Max sheets counting speed: 200mt/min
• Belt replacement time on one singulating assembly: 1' 30"
• Product width (min. / max.): 55 / 350 mm
• Product thickness (min / max): 100 micron (80 GSM) /10 mm
• Magazine height: 600mm
• Dimensions: 620mm X 510mm X H820mm
• Anti-jamming sensors Optional
• Empty-magazine sensor Optional
• Autoloader Optional
• Outfeed conveyor Optional

See product brochure for complete specifications.