Wire Binding

  • JBI Hangers

    JBI Hangers

    Millions of calendars of every shape and size are now Wire-O® bound throughout the world. Many incorporate the convenient James Burn hanger in the thumbcut. Hangers are used to support calendars ...

  • JBI Cut Length

    JBI Cut Length

    We offer WIRE-O ® double loop binding, which is available in cut length boxes with different sizes and colors.

  • JBI Wire-O® FLEX

    JBI Wire-O® FLEX

    For large users, it is available in large boxes for 2:1 sizes (5/8″, 3/4″, 7/8″ & 1″) which contain approximately 3 times more loops than standard spools of equivalent sizes.

  • JBI Wire-O Binding Spool

    JBI Wire-O Binding Spool

    simply Wire Binding, is a popular method for joining the pages and cover of a bound document. We offer the wide range of James Burn Wire-O® Spools in Iran.

  • Duplo Loop Staple DBM-150

    Duplo Loop Staple DBM-150

    We offer Duplo Loop Staple for DBM-150 bookletmaker.

  • Duplo Staple

    Duplo Staple

    We offer Duplo Staple for DBM-150 and DBM-120 bookletmakers.

  • Duplo Stitching wire

    Duplo Stitching wire

    We offer high quality wire stitching binding for binderies and print manufacturers that make booklets, catalogues, magazines, and other spine-stapled books using stitching machines. The stitching wire...