Collating Bookletmaker

  • Duplo iSaddle 2 Booklet Makers

    Duplo iSaddle 2 Booklet Makers

    Enjoy the automated features of a modern saddle stitcher, with the ability to produce flat publications like traditional machines did. The Duplo iSaddle 2 is a future-proofed investment, opening up ne...

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  • Duplo 600i Booklet System

    Duplo 600i Booklet System

    The 600i Booklet System is Duplo's high-end collating and bookletmaking solution. Integrating the fully automatic DBM-600 Bookletmaker with the high-speed DSC-10/60i Suction Collators, the 600i Bo...

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  • Duplo 350C Booklet Maker

    Duplo 350C Booklet Maker

    Duplo 350C Booklet Maker is creating a perfect combination for productivity, value, and durability, the fully automated 350C Booklet System configures up to two DSC-10/20 air suction paper collators. ...

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  • Duplo 150C Booklet System

    Duplo 150C Booklet System

    The Duplo 150C Booklet System integrates the DBM-150 Bookletmaker with up to two DSC-10/20 Suction Collators, providing an entry-level collating and bookletmaking solution.

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