Terms and Conditions

Privacy policy, terms and conditions of Totalia Company

We appreciate your interest in visiting Totalia's website.
Terms, conditions and privacy policy of using the services and information of Totalia Office Machines Company website are applicable to all users of the website. Access to this website and use of Totalia services constitutes acceptance of the terms and other relevant policies and criterions and are binding without any conditions. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, access to and use of this website is prohibited.

Terms and conditions

1. General
 All service requests must be sent to this company in writing or online, and in case of telephone announcement, it must also be confirmed online. Otherwise, Totalia will not be held responsible for it.
 The ordered goods will not be returned or exchanged after delivery to the customer.
2. Prices
 The price of the goods is announced by the pre-invoice and its validity will be for a maximum of seven calendar days if it is not mentioned in the pre-invoice.

3. Payment terms
 The cost of the ordered goods must be settled before delivery and the delivery certificate must be received from the financial department of Totalia.

4. Delivery time
 Delivery time is specified in the pre-invoice according to the terms of the goods.

5. Delivery of goods
 Delivery of goods is done through the main door or warehouse of Totalia Company and the goods are delivered to the buyer or the introduced representative while receiving the health receipt of the goods.

6. Transportation and insurance
 The cost of transportation the goods from the door of Totalia warehouse to the place of installation of the device is related to the buyer and the seller has no responsibility for it.
 The cost and responsibility of unloading the goods, transferring and moving them to the installation site, including cranes, workers, etc., is related to the buyer and Totalia has no responsibility for it.
 If necessary, the cost of moving the device during the after-sales service period for troubleshooting is related the buyer.
 The customer is responsible for any damage to the goods after delivery and Totalia is not responsible.
 The cost and responsibility of commodity insurance to cover possible damages as well as any other cost are related to the buyer and the company has no responsibility for it.

7. Installation and training
 The technical and experienced staff of Totalia Company, with the support of sales, announces its readiness to install and train all the devices of the company.
 By registering the request for installation and training of the device in the service section of Totalia website, the company's specialists will take the necessary action as soon as possible with prior coordination.
 Installation, training and setting up of devices is free.
 Installation and training services are presented only by the personnel introduced by this company. It is necessary to explain that the services of Totalia's specialists will be approved for the company and in case of receiving services by miscellaneous people, the buyer will be responsible for damaging the device or consumer product and Totalia Company has no responsibility for all after-sales services either during the guaranty period or after.
 In case of need for training or re-installation, the relevant costs are related to the buyer.
 The buyer is obliged to introduce an operator who is familiar with computers and English as well as printing and book-binding.
 The guaranty application form must be completed by the buyer at the same time with the installation, training and setting up within a maximum of one week in the Totalia service system in the guaranty card application section, otherwise the device is not included in the guaranty and Totalia Company will waives any objections.
 All costs of transportation, accommodation, etc. of technical experts outside of Tehran for installation and training are related to the buyer.

8. After-sales service
 All devices of Totalia Company have one year guaranty and seven years after-sales service.
 After-sales service and supply of parts for the devices that are sold, is eight years from the date of the sales invoice.
 After-sales service is presented only by the company's introduced personnel. It is necessary to explain that the services of Totalia specialists will be approved for the company and in case of receiving services by miscellaneous people, the buyer is responsible for damaging the device or consumer product and Totalia Company has no responsibility for providing all after-sales services.
 In case of a technical problem in the device by registering it in the services section of the Totalia website, the company's specialists will contact you as soon as possible and after talking and conducting the necessary checks, will take the necessary action with prior coordination.
 After the guaranty period, if the presence of a technical expert and registration of Totalia service system is required, the buyer must pay the estimated pre-invoice, otherwise the company has no obligation to send a technical expert and there is no responsibility for Totalia.
 The price of pre-invoice is not definite and can be changed.
 The main invoice is issued at the end of the company's expert work and must be settled. In case of non-payment, the company is exempt from providing future services to the buyer.
 If a part of the device is damaged during the service, which is not due to the negligence of the technical expert, the cost is related to the buyer.
 Totalia provides services only for its products and within the framework of its service rules.
 All transportation costs, accommodation, etc. of technical experts outside of Tehran and transportation costs in Tehran during the guaranty period and also after that are related to the buyer.

9. Warranty
 The company guaranty is one year from the date of the sales invoice. In case of loss of the warranty card, the company has no obligation under the warranty.
 Consumer parts will not be included in the warranty.
 To receive warranty services, you must register the details of your device in the company's service system within one week after installation, otherwise the company is exempt from providing warranty services.
 Warranty card and post-registration service will be sent to you as soon as possible after registration.
 Warranty service is only for repair or service of the device.
 Warranty service is provided only by the personnel introduced by this company. It is necessary to explain that the services of Totalia's specialists will be approved by the company and if the services are received by miscellaneous people, the buyer will be responsible for damaging the device or consumer product.
 The cost of repairing or replacing the part is free during the warranty period.
 In order to provide warranty services, it is necessary to present the original warranty card to the technical expert, and if it is presented, the service cost will be received.
 Be careful in keeping the warranty card because the reduplicate will not be issued.
 All transportation costs, accommodation, etc. of technical experts outside of Tehran and transportation costs in Tehran are related to the buyer.
 Receiving the warranty card means acceptance of the warranty terms by the buyer.
 The following are excluded from the warranty:
1. Damages and losses from hit, fall, transportation, contact or penetration of water and chemicals, excessive fire or heat, severe dust, power fluctuations and natural disasters
2. Devices that have been tampered with or repaired by persons other than the company's personnel
3. Opening the device seal
4. Changing the installation location of the device without coordination with the company
5. Use of non-standard consumer materials and parts
6. Being distorted the serial number of the product
7. Use the device in an environment other than the defined conditions, including temperature and humidity, etc.
8. If the guaranty card request has not been registered in Totalia service system within one week after installation

Privacy policy

1. Exclusive property rights
 All exclusive property rights of this website belong to Totalia or its proprietors. No part of this website may be reproduced without our written permission as part of other websites or in any other form (electronic or otherwise).

2. Use the website
 Use of the Website in any manner that causes damage, interruption to the Website is prohibited. You should be aware that only you - and not Totalia - are responsible for the electronic communications and content submitted from your computer and that the use of the Website is permitted only for lawful purposes. It is forbidden to use any method to learn the structure of the website or to try to obtain components, documents or information of the website. Unauthorized access to any part or profile of the Website or other services provided through hacking, decryption and other unauthorized methods is prohibited.

3. Copyright
 All contents of this website, including texts, images, logos, symbols, videos, photos and software, are the property of Totalia and are protected by international copyright law. The combination (meaning collect, sort, and aggregate) of contents of this website are exclusively owned by Totalia Company and are protected by international copyright law. Display or use of the contents of this website is strictly prohibited.

4. User statements, feedback and other cases
 If, at our request, you enter specific information (e.g., criticism) or, without any request from us, present information such as your creative comments, suggestions, designs and ideas online, by email, letter or at By submitting comments, you have agreed that we may modify, copy, publish, distribute and translate this information at any time and without any limitation or use it in any medium. Therefore, we hereby are absolutely and under no obligation obliged to:

1. The keeping of any offer will not be confidential.
2. No compensation or cost will be paid for any of the offers.
3. We will not respond to any suggestions. We may (not necessarily) control, modify or remove any content that is at own discretion illegal, offensive, threatening, defamatory, immoral, and offensive or violates the privacy of third parties or is against the law.

5. Errors, wrong and deleted items
 In some cases, errors may be found in our website information. Errors such as omission or error in product specifications, pricing, advertising, offers, shipping cost, shipping time and availability of goods. We will have the right to correct errors, mistakes and deletions at any time and without prior notice, and to change or update any relevant site or CRM or related website information if it is incorrect. It should be noted that bug fixes and website updates can be done without prior notice. We have no obligation to update, modify or explain website information, CRM and other related websites.

6. Data collection
 Totalia Company asks you information for sending catalog (sending catalog link), providing after-sales service (submitting service requests) and subscribing to the newsletter (sending news related to Totalia) due to the privacy it provides to its users to present safer services and more accurate information for its users. To subscribe to the newsletter and receive the catalog, information such as name, e-mail and telephone is required. In order to receive after-sales service, in addition to the mentioned items, the name of the institution / company, serial number, address, province, city and postal code are also required. In addition, all activities of Totalia Company are based on the e-commerce laws and specific rules of Totalia Company and will make every effort to protect your personal information.
 Please note that the personal information entered for service by users is approved by the user and is provided only based on the information entered by the user of Totalia Services, and in case of error or change of information (such as transfer of phone or transfer Workplace, etc.) where there is a possibility of abuse, no responsibility is accepted by Totalia and If the above information is not presented in a complete and correct manner, Totalia has the right to receive additional information from the user to ensure possible services to prevent possible misuse. Therefore, Totalia is allowed to collect two types of information about you through the website:
1. Personal information registered by you to receive the services presented by Totalia
2. The set of information provided by Totalia systems that is mostly related to website tracking and not related to you personally. You may not be able to use some of Totalia's services if you do not present sufficient personal information. Therefore, Totalia is allowed to collect your change of information as well as other information related to Totalia.

7. Disclosure of information
 The information you provide to us is stored on our secure servers. We may also disclose the information collected about the use of our website to third parties, but this does not include information that can be used to identify you. Wherever the password is presented to you (or you have chosen it), this password will enable you to access certain parts of our site, and you will be responsible for maintaining this password. We urge you not to share this password with anyone.
 Unfortunately, data transfer over the Internet is not completely secure. While we make every effort to protect your personal information, we cannot fully guarantee the security of your data transmission; therefore, the user will be responsible for any transfer. Upon receipt of your information, we will use strict and secure methods to try to prevent unauthorized access to them. However, we will always strive to ensure that your information is used in accordance with this policy. Except as required by law, we will not share, sell or distribute any of the information you present to us.
 Totalia keeps the personal identities of the users confidential and does not present the information of the individuals to anybody or company in any way unless it is made available to the competent authorities by the order of a competent judicial authority or organization or in accordance with the current laws and regulations of the country. In these cases, Totalia is not legally responsible for the damage and waives the right to object. It is obvious that Totalia uses security systems for its servers and makes every effort to protect the information of its users, but in case of misuse of information, it is the responsibility of the abuser and disruptor. And Totalia waives of itself the right to object and pursue through legal means.
 Finally, if our business enters into a joint venture with another company or merges with or sells to another institution, your information will be disclosed to new partners or owners.

8. IPs and cookies
 We may collect information about your computer, including IP address, operating system and browser type, and use it for management and marketing purposes. This includes statistical data about the patterns and performance of your Internet search and cannot determine your identity.
 Cookies are small packets of information that we store on your computer. When you log in to our website, our system will store cookies on your computer. Unless you have stated your objection when submitting your information to us. Cookies will speed up the next time you visit the website. Cookies also allow us to control and monitor website traffic and customize website content for you. You can prevent cookies from being saved by activating certain settings in your computer browser, in which case you may not be able to use some of our site-specific features.
 Totalia is allowed to use the collected personal information in the following cases:
1. If you have forgotten the details or password registered to use Totalia Services, Totalia can use the registered information to identify you and make the necessary contributions.
2. To provide the services you require
3. In order to provide more information about other websites and services which is permissible for you from the point of view of Totalia
4. for future marketing, common goals - including direct marketing - as well as market research and studies
5. Ensure that the information is relevant to your interests
6. Other authorized uses on behalf of you

9. Security and data protection
 We use security measures to protect your information from unauthorized access and illegal activities, accidental damage, destruction and tampering. We will keep your information for as long as the law requires.
 In certain cases, our site may contain electronic links to other sites. If you choose to visit these sites, their privacy policy and privacy preferences will be valid.

10. Maintain, correct and update information
 Your information will be shared with Totalia or a designated third party. Totalia may allow another third party to access your information, but this will only be done for the purposes set out in the Privacy Policy. Totalia will make every effort to maintain information security and use it to protect its privacy. You are allowed to change the information you collect as needed and at any time. Send your questions about Totalia Services or Website Privacy Policy by email to info@totaliaco.com.

11. Other cases
 Be aware that 9850002015059042 is the number through which Totalia sends SMS to its customers and informs its customers about its news, catalog link and service processing status, and it is obvious that sending SMS by users is not possible. Therefore, sending any text message as Totalia with a number not approved by Totalia is an abuse of the name of Totalia Company.
 In addition, Totalia reserves the right to make any changes to its Privacy Policy without prior notice and without your knowledge. It hereby declares that your continued use of the Website constitutes your agreement to the specified Privacy Policy and that all new versions of the Privacy Policy will replace the previously setting versions.