EBA 4860 Guillotine Machine


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EBA 4860 Guillotine Machine

The EBA 4860 Guillotine Machine is professional guillotine with EASY-CUT, automatic clamp, programmable power backgauge with touch pad and IR light beam safety curtain on the front table.

• IR light beam safety
• Optical cutting line
• Electro-mechanical blade drive using two hands
• Automatic Clamp
• Programmable Backgauge
• 99 memories
• Automatic program run
• Resharpenning Steel blade
• Blade change without removing the machine covers
• Blade changing device with covered cutting edge
• With Stand
• Side tables (option)


Papers, books and booklets


• Cutting length: 475 mm
• Cutting height: 80 mm
• Narrow cut: 35 mm
• Cutting depth 450 mm

 See product brochure for complete specifications.