• Guillotines


    A paper guillotine or cutter is a mechanical device used to cut or trim large stacks of paper or documents at the same time. EBA produces a wide range of guillotine machines for cutting the stacks of the papers in different sizes and volumes as office and hydraulic guillotines.

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  • Photo Album Makers & Hard Cover Makers

    Photo Album Makers & Hard Cover Makers

    Hardcover making and photo album binding; Hard cover is made with thick and rigid materials like cardboard which is more resistance to bend. Fastbind produces casemaker machines which help us to make personalized hardcovers using printable tacking sheets and cardboards. They also produce photoMount Binders to make photo album with hardcovers.

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  • Digital Duplicators

    Digital Duplicators

    Digital duplicator is a machine which uses mimeograph technique from a scanner to create a stencil from the original which is called master by a thermal head and then, the master will turn around a Drum automatcally. The papers will feed between the drum and a pressure roller which cause to print using the ink coming out of the drum by pressure.

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  • Laminating Films

    Laminating Films

    Laminating film is a plastic film to cover the paper for the purpose of protection of print or adding a special feature. Derprosa is the leading manufacturer of the most innovative plastic films and offers the best quality and luxury films for print industry.

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  • Wire-o


    Wire-o is a metal wire which is used to bind punched papers in different pitches; 3:1 & 2:1 to make booklets. James Burn offer an extensive range of wire-o materials in different size and colors.

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