• Laminators


    Laminating machine is a device which covers the sheets of papers with plastic films on one or both sides with cold or hot glue by heating and pressure. The main reason for lamination is to preserve the quality of the laminated materials. Foliant produces offset lamination machines with format B1, Offset and digital lamination machines with format B2 and digital laminating machines with format B3.

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  • Cutters, Creasers and Perforators

    Cutters, Creasers and Perforators

    You can use our systems as a business card cutter, a guillotine, a paper creaser, a perforator, and a rotary die cutter. Save money, save time, expand your capabilities and benefit from the quick set up of our automated Cutter Creasers.

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  • Punch


    Paper Punching is making holes at the corner of the papers make them ready for binding. The holes may vary in shape as round, square, oval and etc. James burn international produces many different kinds of punching machines for different paper sizes and speeds.

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  • Wire binders

    Wire binders

    Wire binding is book binding method whereby a series of small holes are punched into the document/booklet, then double loop wire inserted to the holes then squeezed closed until it is round, or spiral wire which is made in the machine is inserted to bind booklets. These types of booklets have the benefit of folding cover to cover at 360 degrees and will lie flat. James Burn international offer many kinds of wire binding machines with different paper size and speed.

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  • Folders


    A folding machine is a machine used primarily for the folding of paper used for catalogues, letters, brochures and etc. Duplo & Multigraf offer many different kinds of folding machines for different sizes and weights of the papers.

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