Totalia Festival, February 2020

This year, Totalia Company has started to introduce its products more than previous by holding a festival. In this festival which is going to be held from 18 to 20 of February in Totalia’s showroom, we are planning to present some of the products which are more welcomed.
Double wire-o binding machine of JBI from France, is among the machines which we are going to present is used for binding books and notebooks with double wire. In this product, the pulley of the double wire-o is set in to the machine and after regulating the device, the piece of wire is cut in the desired and arranged size automatically and in just a minute; and when the punched papers are settled, the machine would automatically bind the sheets.
Multigraf TOUCHLINE CP 375 DUO with PFM is an automatic creasing and perforating machine with mistral feeder PFM which is also going to be presented in Totalia’s festival. The feeder PFM can handle high paper stocks. The creasing tools (positive and negative) as well as the perforating tools (standard and stop perforating) may be used on either tool position. Stop perforation in both directions is one of the key features of the Touchline CP 375 DUO. And due to the interchangeable tools, the CP 375 DUO can be diverted from a perforating into a creasing machine or vice versa. Multigraf TOUCHLINE CF 375 is another machine which is going to be presented. When the sheets are running through the machine, first the sheets are creased and then, they are folded. The setup will be done automatically within just a few seconds on the touchscreen control panel.
Duplo 150 C Booklet maker System from Japan is also going to be presented in the festival. This system is used for paper collating and binding to make booklet.
More than the above machines, the Fastbind whole production line for binding photo albums from Finland is going to be presented. Its different stages are also going to be presented, such as: case making for hard covers with cardboards, attaching the photos with mounting sheets, and also providing the ultimate photo albums.

Therefore, if you need to register and join the festival, click bottom section.

Insert date: 2/8/2020
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